See what users are saying about our Flash animation software.

"This tool is VERY cool! I checked out the competition and you blow them away, especially with your generation of true .FLA files! I'm learning the art of fx as I use your tool!"
- Bruce

"I recently purchased your app. Text-Osterone, I have to say that this is far beyond the best tool ever for creating flash animated text effects!"
- Jonas

"I've been browsing a few other program, and I'm finding that the capabilities of your program far exceed those of the others."
- Dianne

"Wow Text-Osterone can do everything I want and sooo much more."
- Alex

"This was just what I needed...and when I wrote and suggested that I needed to create a moving ticker for my site, they did. You can't beat the service, and it truly is a fine little program, simple to use and simpler for a simpleton like me to learn."
- jeffisme

"I just wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with both programs I purchased from you, SWF 'n Slide and Text-Osterone. I have used both of these programs to spruce up my website and I am very pleased with the results."
- Stefani Kooney